Roberto Rosi — Yo-Yoando

I wasn’t familiar with Roberto Rosi’s work until I got lost in the abyss of Discogs. I have been more and more interested in Italian musicians lately, after discovering Vagal Group (Valerio Gallo).

So there I was, on Discogs, lost among numerous album covers and one just stuck out to me: that yellow one with the rolled-up trousers and the pretty cool shoes of someone playing with a yoyo - “Yo-Yoando”- was just enough to pique my curiosity. After a long process, I finally got in touch with Roberto and had the chance to listen to his music. (I later found out that he put some of his music on his SoundCloud if you are curious about his work).

Going deeper into Roberto’s work made me realize there is a thin line between his and Valerio’s work. Both are Italian, a one-man band, they worked for Italian television, and the list goes on and on...

Roberto was born in Rome in 1959. Because his dad was a cartoonist, he kind of grew up in an artistic environment, which was a real influence on his musical work. In fact, Roberto says his music is really cinematographic and that images are really important to him while writing and producing music. Knowing that, you can’t really disagree. Take the song “Staffile” or “Meando” for instance. These are built like a movie, and it’s like a three-act structure: first you listen to the set up, it pulls you into a certain atmosphere. Then, the rhythm gets more and more structured around the climax. Finally, you enter the last phase, and everything calms down: the circle is complete.

In addition to Yo-Yoando LP, Roberto put out some other music material called “Curl” and “Gleeman” for TAMA Records, a small Italian label, and these are mad rare.

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