Nathalie AmandPourquoi

“We’re gonna make you a big star”

Another random bet based only on the sleeve. I often get disappointed when these blind buys come to me, but I must say that I was surprisingly happy when I pressed the play button.

Nathalie wrote this when she was 26. At the time, she was a weather girl on Belgian TV. Music wasn’t her plan, but one day, a producer came and asked her if she wanted to record something for him. He kind of told her “we’re gonna make you a big star” or something like that…

Young, wild and free, she said yes without second thought. She had to write something in a hurry, and the first thing she thought about was her first love… Once recorded, the producer kind of changed his mind…maybe he wasn’t sure anymore about making her a big star, and he progressively disappeared… There wasn’t any kind of advertising or communication around this record that Nathalie put a lot of hope into.

Anyway, a bit later, Nathalie recorded one more song, but it never came out for some reason… Then she just followed another path and became a life coach in the countryside of Alicante, Spain, where she still lives, amongst horses.

Another “we’re gonna make you a big star” story I guess, but eh, she did good right ?


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