Joe SembeneHeart of Africa / Weur di Dane + Le P’tit Quinquin

“The inaugural release from the brilliantly named Rare And/Or Interesting records is so rare (and interesting) that even my deep digging French chums don't have a copies. Active in the first half of the 80s Joe Sembene released a pair of 7"s on September Records, which now fall firmly into the three figure category if you're lucky enough to catch a sniff. Thankfully for us non-lottery winners, Joe's four extant tracks are now available in one easy to handle, DJ friendly 12".

Putting it in reverse, the label have stuck his 1985 release on the A-side, kicking off with the drum machine funk and tight rhythm guitar of "Autrefois". Contrasting deep bass throbs with a little top end slap, this is one hell of a groove and the interplay between synth, guitar and female vocal is a thing of beauty. Far from a straight forward French boogie / Afro boogie cut, tasty adlibs and a unique vocal arrangement lend this a little of the Big Apple's Disco-Not-Disco cool. A2 cut "Gorelle" leans harder into the electronics, opening with outrageous Linn drums and Mtume-styled arps before settling into a very cool Afro-boogie stomp with maximal quirk on deck.

The B-side opens with the frankly irresistible "Weur Di Dane", a discoid winner with equal helpings of jazz-funk and AOR thrown in the mix. Imagine a Francophone Evans Pyramid with occasional bursts of semi-rapped vocals, wonky horns and a little extra dub power and you're on the road to glory. Finally we get a massive hit of cosmic reggae in the form of "Le P'tit Quinquin", which combines Island optimism with flagrant Gilmourisms for an utterly stoned effect.


Patrick says: What a way to kick your label off! Rare And/Or Interesting Records (brilliant isn't it!) slap all four of Joe Sembene's quirky, cool and impossible to find Franco-Afro boogie bombs on one playable 12". Highest recommendations folks.”

> Words by Picadilly Records


Tracklist :

B1Weur Di Dane
B2Le P'tit Quinquin


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