Ilan Virtzberg — Yiddish Reggae

I got this one via Crown Ruler, and it was said that only 50 copies of this record were released. That of course intrigued me so I decided to contact Ilan Virtzberg to know a bit more and it happened to be true, this single was only made for a radio promo !

Ilan Virtzberg grew up in Beersheeba, southern Israel. He started to play guitar at 14 and quickly joined his classmate Yaakov Ravitz (Judith’s brother!) and formed his first band.
His musical carreer really began in the late 1970’s and remains still active today.

« This was recorded here in Israel in 1982… I had a crazy friend that wrote lyrics in Yiddish (a language that only jews have spoken), and he invested money to record it. Me & Moti Dichne did the music, we played bass and guitar with the drummer Alon Hilel and I did the vocal, without knowing Yiddish at all ! Now it became very rare and a collectors item. »

Conversation with Ilan Virtzberg

I wanted to know more about the lyrics, but as it’s in Yiddish and recorded 37 years ago now, Ilan couldn’t remember :) 

If someone knows Yiddish here, please get in touch !


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